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Your store inbox contains an auto-looting bag, an essence bag, a gold pouch and a rare item bag.
By default, every dropped demonic essence, gold coins or rare items will be auto-looted to the appropriate bag.
!autoloot add, itemid/itemname - adds a specific item to your auto-looting list.
!autoloot remove, itemid/itemname - removes the specific item from your auto-looting list.
!autoloot gold - enables/disables automatic looting of all gold, platinum & crystal coins to your gold pouch.
!autoloot rare - enables/disables automatic looting of dropped rare items to your pouch.
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online

    1- Pay Frozenpizza (318)
    2- Itachi (268)
    3- Optimum Pride (263)
    4- Luciifera (132)
    5- Jonte (105)
    6- Elii (102)

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    1- Draer'best'paladin
(1,000,000,000 gold coins)/div>    2- Valkyrie
(696,969,696 gold coins)
    3- Luciifera
(123,456,789 gold coins)

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