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Purchases all the 7 mandatory blessings (Note: Does not come with the Twist of Fate).
Returns basic server information about Hellcores.
!autoloot add, itemName/itemID
Adds a specific item to your auto-looting list.
!autoloot remove, itemName/itemID
Removes the specific item from your auto-looting list.
!autoloot gold
Enables/disables automatic looting of all gold, platinum & crystal coins to your gold pouch.
!autoloot rare
Enables/disables automatic looting of dropped rare items to your pouch.
Automatically converts gold coins to platinum and crystal coins.
Purchases the house which you are facing.
!sellhouse playerName
Sell your house to another player. This command requires the name of the player who wants to buy your house.
Abandons your house, forever! (WARNING: You lose the ownership of your house).
!hunt player, price type, price
Place a bounty on a player's head. This command requires the player name of your target, price type (gold/coins), and the price parameter.
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Players Online

    1- Pay Frozenpizza (318)
    2- Itachi (268)
    3- Optimum Pride (263)
    4- Luciifera (132)
    5- Jonte (105)
    6- Elii (102)

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    1- Draer'best'paladin
(1,000,000,000 gold coins)/div>    2- Valkyrie
(696,969,696 gold coins)
    3- Luciifera
(123,456,789 gold coins)

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