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Demonic Essences

Demonic essences are a highly valuable currency used in many systems.
Every monster in-game has a chance to drop essences as extra loot.
By default, every dropped essence will be autolooted to your demonic essence bag.

Concentrated bottles of demonic essence

100x demonic essences can be turned into 1x concentrated bottles of demonic essence by right clicking on them.

Most NPC's trade using these bottles in order to save space in backpacks.
You may exchange concentrated bottles back to demonic essences by right clicking on them.
In addition, NPC Henricus converts 10,000 demonic essences into 100 concentrated bottles of demonic essence.

Demonic essences are used in the following systems..
Alchemy - The alchemist brews flasks which range in costs from 50 bottles to 150 bottles per flask. (5,000 to 15,000 demonic essences)
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Blacksmith - Dunkirr buys and sells his tools which range in costs from 250 bottles to 1,200 bottles essences per item. (25,000 to 120,000 demonic essences)
In addition, Sam sells gloves and buys commonly dropped items (e.g. royal helmet) for demonic essences.
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Item Upgrading - Woberg sells upgrade medals which range in costs from 600 bottles to 800 bottles per medal. (60,000 to 80,000 demonic essences)
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