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14 Jan 2022 -
We have decided to open a new world hosted in North America! More information can be found on the...

We have decided to open a new world hosted in North America! More information can be found on the US website:

2 Jan 2022 -
Hello! There will be a period of maintenance from now for approx. 20 minutes as we transfer the...

Hello! There will be a period of maintenance from now for approx. 20 minutes as we transfer the database to the newly upgraded server to minimize the recent lags. Stay tuned

24 Dec 2021 -
Merry Christmas! We have given out 150 Coins to everyone who has logged in-game in the last 2...

Merry Christmas! We have given out 150 Coins to everyone who has logged in-game in the last 2 weeks, these coins can be spent in the web-shop as well as the in-game store. Have fun! Tony & Wellman

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23.1.2022 -
Update - 23/01/22
Author: GM Tony Browne

Greetings everyone!

Here's the changelog for the last week..

  • [Added]
    - !percent | A command which toggles to show your HP and Mana as a percentage
    - !sell 'npc name' | A command which sells all items to an npc - right now, the only npc which has been added is Theodore however we will add a lot more soon
    - !stats | A command which shows your maximum hp, and mana
    - Added a new NPC called 'Commander lifemaster' which behaves like Captain Maxcritus but sells Permalum Vitae instead, he spawns in the same place as Maxcritus (nightmare tower basement) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
    - New variant monsters for most respawns have been created

  • [Changed]
    - Temporarily disabled Infinitium, we have done this to monitor the server's lags with this feature turned off
    - Corpses of Nightmare mini-bosses now disappear after 10 minutes (e.g Fyodorus, Ghadira..)
    - Lifted the daily purchase limit of 15 coin store boosts
    - Increased buying prices of Dunkirr, and Captain Maxcritus
    - Serafin now sells golden Infinitium for 5,000 bottles
    - Reworked bags you desire
    - Re-enabled treasure chests, without an announcement message
    - Reworked the '!autoloot dunkir/sam..' command by adding an modal window

  • [Fixed]
    - Urmahlullu no longer disappears
    - Death stones are now usable with a crossbow
    - Phantasmal Jade mount now works from the mount doll
    - Yalahari armor's imbuements now work

See you in-game!

16.1.2022 -
Update - 16/01/22
Author: GM Tony Browne

Greetings everyone!

Here is the changelog for the last few days..
Also, we have updated the rules in regard to botting, and using macros on the website.

  • [Added]
    - Hellcores coins in the form of an item, to allow a safer way to trade
    - House ownership & interior clearing system for inactive players (not logged in the past 14 days)
    - NPC 'Captain Randolf', located one floor below the Nightmare tower which buys equipment for magnus critica

  • [Changed]
    - Einstein's brain and the enchanted melee sword from the store now have infinite uses, with an hour cooldown
    - Reworked Urmahlullu, removed the stages, buffed HP and attacks
    - Increased the daily limit of XP boosts you could purchase in a day from 10 to 25
    - Increased HP and MP gained from potions
    - Removed most beds from houses in Thais
    - Decreased damage from charms
    - Buffed diamond arrow damage
    - Ember beasts now walk on fire

  • [Fixed]
    - Skill training's formula now takes skills from base level
    - Bertha now sells the bookworm doll
    - Disolver's element protection now works
    - The teleports to Dark Yalahar and Roshedron are now in the right place
    - Gnomission now trades without a mission
    - Sam as well as the other essence NPC's no longer accept items when your pouch is full
    - Vough & Gorgons no longer share the same bestiary entries

See you in-game!

14.1.2022 -
New USA world!
Author: GM Tony Browne

After many requests, we have finally decided to open a new world hosted in North America!
The new world will start fresh and anew, which means everyone will have to register a new account, and download the client.
The start is scheduled to commence this Saturday, 15th January, more information about time zones can be found on the US website.

See you in the opening!
Hellcores Team

10.1.2022 -
Update - 10/01/22
Author: GM Tony Browne

Greetings everyone!

Quite a quick and short update, here's the changelog..

  • [Added]
    - Spell upgrading system
    - Most if not all custom monsters have been added to the prey roll system
    - Added a few new spawns, with more coming very soon
    - An infinite diamond arrow as well as a few new equipment to Dunkirr

  • [Changed]
    - Monster corpses now de-spawn after 20 seconds
    - Reverted old spell cooldowns
    - All monsters from the Nightmare tower now drop more gold related loot
    - The HP alchemy flasks now give 5%-15% extra maximum health
    - Removed empty potion flasks from potions

  • [Fixed]
    - Tier costume bags from NPC Freddie now transform you into a random creature with infinite uses
    - Bertha no longer sells plushies which drop on the floor

See you in-game!

8.1.2022 -
Update - 08/01/22
Author: GM Tony Browne

Greetings everyone!

Apologies for the extended duration of inactivity on the changelogs! We have been very busy lately and neglected the changelog as a result. But, it's time to wipe the dust off and revive the changelogs once again.
Note: The group cooldown on all spells has been temporarily increased so that we can monitor the lags, and minimize them as much as we can from the data we gather.

  • [Added]
    - A few new mini-bosses underground of the Nightmare tower
    - Added most custom monsters to the prey list (more will be added soon)
    - Stamina sucker item which removes an hour from your stamina

  • [Changed]
    - Reworked the interface of Rubins, Saffirs, Capacits, Magnus Critica and Permalum Vitae
    - Reverted the utamo vita to the old system
    - Removed stamina regeneration from daily rewards
    - The speed limit has been increased
    - The "voice in your head" now teleports you to the Inquisition tower
    - Golden "Infinitium" now gives you the critical dmg bonus in accordance with your level
    - Increased the loot drop rate of bags you desire and added them to the soul war and a few other monsters
    - Royal red & blue quivers now have life/mana leech buffs
    - Buffed everyone's familiars' HP, immunities and attacks
    - Buffed everyone's healing spells

  • [Fixed]
    - The no login and exp bug
    - The in-game store now works
    - Alchemy potions, rings and necklaces from daily rewards no longer give too few items
    - Bosses from Hellgate no longer drop 1 charge exercise weapons
    - Fixed imbuements for a few items
    - XP gain and loot now works on 00:00 stamina

See you in-game!

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