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Below is a list of all the new features we are working on aswell as new features and improvements which we have implemented to Hellcores.

  • ◦ Enchanted "Rare Items" which offer character buffs drop from monsters. There has also been a pouch implemented to automatically loot your rare drops.
    ◦ New features have been implemented to allow character stat customization - "Magic and Skill stones".
    ◦ The fishing system has been reworked to become more relevant and worth your time.
    ◦ All the main quests have been unlocked.
    ◦ Halved the amount of charm points needed to buy charms.
    ◦ AoE damage wands and rods sold by Dunkirr.
    ◦ The experience gain in parties has been greatly increased - everyone receives experience as if they were hunting solo.
    ◦ New and custom "Alchemy Potions" which provide various buffs have been implemented.
    ◦ Added a "Bounty Hunting" system.
    Level rewards have been implemented.
    Auto-looting & loot bags (autolooting bag, essence bag, gold pouch, rare item pouch).
    ◦ Demonic essences have been utilized as a new currency, especially by Dunkirr - the Blacksmith.
    ◦ Health and mana potions restore double the usual health and mana points.
    ◦ Reworked current familiars and new summons.
    ◦ Nearly every monster has been made mountable and catchable with a music box.
    Treasure chests which can be opened with a treasure key spawn randomly on the map every 5 minutes.
    ◦ All monsters from the demon class drop demonic essences.
    ◦ Implemented many useful scripts - auto-exchange gold, auto-loot rare items, temple teleports etc..
    What are we currently working on?
    - Daily experience and gold tasks.
    - PvP & PvE stoneskins.
    - Skull system only inside cities.
    - New vocations: barbarian, voodoo
    - Awards for milestones of monsters killed.
    - A religion system.
    - Better auto-looting item selection interface

    ◦ Drastically reduced the cooldown of all spells.
    ◦ Improved the overall stats (damage/duration) of all "Conjured Runes".
    ◦ Implemented custom spells with unique damage formulas.
    What are we currently working on?

    ◦ +80 New armours and weapons have been implemented.
    ◦ Added +10 new gloves with custom stats.
    ◦ Added +35 new decoration plushies.

    ◦ The map has been immensely reworked - 220+ new teleports have been added which lead to custom made or old refreshed respawns, and bosses suitable for all levels.
    ◦ The number of monsters present in respawns has been increased in accordance with the fast gameplay pace.
    ◦ Many new habitable houses have been implemented.
    ◦ Every depot contains a house teleport statue which teleports you to your owned house.

    ◦ Implemented a casino system.
    ◦ Players can now use and ride their mounts in protection zones.
    ◦ Added many new commands.
    ◦ House decoration from the gamestore have been made immensely cheaper.

  • Unique Systems and Events
  • Teleports
    Treasure chests
    Skill Enchantment
    Bounty Hunting
    Level Rewards
    Rare Items
    House Teleport
    Spell rework
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