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Are you abnormally afraid of close and confined spaces?
The Panic room is designed to invoke terror and fear among the toughest.
Fearless participants will be placed in a tight huge room, facing many life-threatening monsters and numerous deadly challenges.

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Each participant will be teleported to a room where he will face waves of lethal monsters.
After defeating that wave, the participants - who are still alive, will be placed in a new, more compact room where even more monsters will spawn.
The last man standing shall be declared the winner.

NOTE: PVP Will be enforced within the premises of the room.

The last man standing will be awarded the following awards..

Contains random premium item or coins
Mysterious box.
Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online

    1- Pay Frozenpizza (318)
    2- Itachi (268)
    3- Optimum Pride (263)
    4- Luciifera (132)
    5- Jonte (105)
    6- Elii (102)

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    1- Draer'best'paladin
(1,000,000,000 gold coins)/div>    2- Valkyrie
(696,969,696 gold coins)
    3- Luciifera
(123,456,789 gold coins)

Last Lottery winner:

Prize Pool:
0 Hellcores Coins!
Last Updated: 2022.01.25 08:04