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Bozo is missing again!
Royal Bozo escaped, again with the King's treasure! Tibianus has placed a bounty on the notorious joker.
Are you willing to find him for a prize?
25,000 health points
45,000 experience points
370 speed points
25 defense points


Find and kill Bozo to bring back Tibianus' gold.
Bozo is not violent and doesn't attack the player. He focuses on protecting his stolen treasure.
The infamous Jester can be found everywhere where the map is accessible. He can be found from the most open areas to the most secluded areas.

Bozo can vanish, morph himself into different monsters, and has incredible haste.
Bozo can clone himself up to 4 times perfectly to confuse you.
In addition, the longer that Bozo is free, the worse the prize will be.

  • Crystal Coins (25-50)
  • Boots of Haste
  • A lottery ticket

  • Skull remover
  • Addon Doll
  • Mount Doll
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Players Online

    1- Pay Frozenpizza (318)
    2- Itachi (268)
    3- Optimum Pride (263)
    4- Luciifera (132)
    5- Jonte (105)
    6- Elii (102)

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    1- Draer'best'paladin
(1,000,000,000 gold coins)/div>    2- Valkyrie
(696,969,696 gold coins)
    3- Luciifera
(123,456,789 gold coins)

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0 Hellcores Coins!
Last Updated: 2022.01.25 10:04